Thursday, March 2, 2017

March 2nd

Click here to read blogs from students around the worldWelcome to the Logan School for Creative Learning's - March Slice of Life Challenge Blog! The Logan School is in Denver, Colorado and the students are in grades 6-8. This is the fourth year for Logan students to participate in the SOLSC (Slice Of Life Story Challenge)! Look in the comments to find the links to the students' blogs each day. Also, the sidebar of the blog has links to each blog. We are excited to begin these daily blogs and see where our writing takes us! Please read their blog posts and provide encouraging feedback in the comments section of their posts. Thank you in advance.

Each day, these posts will provide a prompt that can be used if inspiration is lacking. They can be used any day of the challenge. Below are thirty-one prompts that can be used or added to the "Heart Maps" that students created before the challenge began. Good luck and Happy Slicing!  See below for "The Code" and instructions!

Today's Prompt: The Dog Ate my Homework - Write about the most amazing (and possibly true) excuse you have used about why an assignment was not completed on time.

Here's the code to link up!
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    1. The link didn't want to work so here.

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    1. It's "from" Nice job of editing before posting Teach! :)

  3. We are a 7th grade class from Dallas, Texas and would love to connect with your group. This is our first time blogging and participating in Slice of Life.

  4. The LabyrinthMore serious than my last one, but still fun to write! hope you enjoy!