Daily Prompts

Below are the daily prompts from our blog. Feel free to use them for any day you have writer's block or just need some ideas to get you writing.

Day 31:After a month of slicing, who are you as a writer? Who do you hope to become as a writer? What is your next step towards that?

Day 30: What problem did you solve today and how? Untangle a necklace? Play peacemaker between family members or friends? Figure out a tough answer related to math? Slice about it!

Day 29: Slice about your favorite book or movie.

Day 28: Describe an interesting relationship or attachment you have to a random object like: your favorite pen/pencil, piece of clothing, keychains, stuffy, etc.

Day 27: Write about how to have a good relationship with anyone or anything? 

Day 26: Write about a double life that you lead. How are you perceived differently by different people so that you might have different "personalities?"

Day 25: Write about the weather. For example, yesterday Denver high a record high of 76 F and also had a Blizzard Warning by nightfall! 

Day 24: Write about a time today where you had to hurry up and wait. Was it for your parents? Did a computer have the spinning beachball of death on it?What did you do and how did you feel during the wait?

Day 23: If someone were to write a conspiracy theory about the events of your day, what would it be? #gabeleadsadoublelife

Day 22: Write about a moment of contrast like: Ice cream on a hot day, walking into a dark movie theater, two opposite but strong emotions at the same time.

Day 21: Lost in translation. Write about a time you misinterpreted something, either from another language or just took things the wrong way.

Day 20: Write about playing with food or an interesting meal story.

Day 19: Write about that moment in a performance where it looks like it's all going wrong. What was your perspective and how did it play out?

Day 18:  Find a place to be quiet, with your eyes closed. Then write about the experience.

Day 17: Slice about what green means to you. Or a celebration you don't understand but engage in anyway.

Day 16: Halfway there! 16/31! Slice about slicing.

Day 15: It sure seems like spring in the Denver area. Write about what signs of spring you see today.

Day 14: In honor of Pi day, slice about either a math moment or a dessert moment.

Day 13 Prompt: Write about what any animal/bird/insect, you saw today, might have been thinking or experiencing.

Day 12 Prompt: What does a typical sick day look like for you? Write about it.

Day 11 Prompt: Who among us has not fought a losing battle with a printer, TV, phone or other piece of technology? Write a slice about one such event.

Day 10 Prompt: Write about a time music was important. Maybe a certain song evokes memories of an event. Or perhaps music, in a moment, led to a strong emotion. Is there a song that's been stuck in your head for days?

Day 9 Prompt: What is the best prank you have ever been a part of, on either side?

Day 8 Prompt: Write about a time when you were "busted" by your parents or a teacher for some sort of transgression. Or, write about when you got away with whatever "IT" was. Please keep the level of your transgression appropriate.

Day 7 Prompt:  On the way to school... - Write about your daily commute to or from school. What usually happens? What interesting things have happened? Describe an incident or what you wish would happen.

Day 6 Prompt: What would you tell your younger/older self? Write about traveling into the future or the past to talk to yourself and hopefully pass along some wisdom. Write about the interaction or the advice you would tell yourself and why.

Day 5 Prompt: Finish this sentence and keep going - 
           "I'm thankful I'm a writer because..."

Day 4 Prompt: New Year's Resolutions? - Write about any resolutions you made for 2017 (or any year) and how they are going so far.

Day 3 Prompt: Three truths and a lie - Let us get to know you better by writing three truths and a lie in your post. Tell us at the bottom of your post, which is the lie (if you so choose).

Day 2 Prompt: The Dog Ate my Homework - Write about the most amazing (and possibly true) excuse you have used about why an assignment was not completed on time.

Day 1 Prompt

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